Monday, January 4, 2016

"What is it that you will do with your one wild and precious life ?"

What I will do with the beginning of my wild and precious is to begin living like there is no tomorrow. It was when I was going down the entry to my 3rd grade year of elementary school. I was already on the verge of finding no friends. I was able to find nothing but the rocks and the dust as friends that couldn't talk bad about me.

When my friend Charlie came along being the one I knew I could count on not to hate me just because of my name or something I do or look like. I knew right there then and now that I was better than them and I can be the kind of person why can change peoples perspective on life and a lot of other things.

I knew that I wasn't a downer and the rocks and the durt could hit the dust for being my friends. I'm now a unique, intelligent, beautiful person inside and out and if you have a problem with me I know it's because I'm better than adequate and you are still the immature, adequate who will soon learn from your mistakes. Which makes me the person I am now today....... YOUNG, WILD, PRECIOUS, AND FREE.

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  1. Isabelle, thanks for sharing some of your struggles and how you've overcome them. I like that you've let your challenges shape your life into something beautiful instead of breaking you down. You're right--you ARE beautiful inside and out, and definitely better than adequate! I'm excited to see you succeed in many ways long after seventh grade is over!