Thursday, March 3, 2016

Writing Challenge : Root Words

Root Word : Grad

When I was in fifth grade we had a huge graduation and celebrated our time in elementary school. I was very happy there is was such a good feeling to have people celebrating me graduate for the one and only time in my life. When we were leaving everyone had a smile on their faces and had the feeling finally moving on to something new in life! I felt like there was a huge beginning opening up to me, but at the same time the feeling like I will never see my favorite people of all time. I knew my parents were happy for me and new that the upgrade to my life will be full of adventure and expectation.

Monday, January 4, 2016

"What is it that you will do with your one wild and precious life ?"

What I will do with the beginning of my wild and precious is to begin living like there is no tomorrow. It was when I was going down the entry to my 3rd grade year of elementary school. I was already on the verge of finding no friends. I was able to find nothing but the rocks and the dust as friends that couldn't talk bad about me.

When my friend Charlie came along being the one I knew I could count on not to hate me just because of my name or something I do or look like. I knew right there then and now that I was better than them and I can be the kind of person why can change peoples perspective on life and a lot of other things.

I knew that I wasn't a downer and the rocks and the durt could hit the dust for being my friends. I'm now a unique, intelligent, beautiful person inside and out and if you have a problem with me I know it's because I'm better than adequate and you are still the immature, adequate who will soon learn from your mistakes. Which makes me the person I am now today....... YOUNG, WILD, PRECIOUS, AND FREE.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Horror Story

Ashtyn fell asleep feeling dreadfully worn out and as as though she couldn’t seem to talk. She tried speaking but it was like something was inside of her is holding her back. It was as if she kept reliving the same moment every night, it was the same 10 second relapse. But after she realized she can’t speak she felt blood coming through the sides of her mouth feeling it going down her neck. Once she freaked out she ran for the door it was locked not being able to open it than feeling light headed enough to pass out. Slowly falling to the floor seeing the figure of her father. Then she would wake up in a puddle of tears dripping down her neck, and onto the pillow. Ashtyn was used to the sadness of the mornings with no one to go to. Her mother had left early for work and always came home late at night. She didn’t have her father around ever since he had left for the military. Her dreams had been coming ever since the beginning. Ashtyn had seen the dreams once a week, then after 2-5 months it was four times a week, now it has been almost a year seeing the same thing seven days a week, by now she has gotten so used to it it’s like it never even happened.
Ashtyn was trying so hard to think about why this had started even if it is something she had gone through for the fast 12 months. She felt as if there was something inside of her controlling the dreams and the horror inside of the true Ashtyn. There was a family that had lived there with them for a long while until the one day she was out with her family while the Schmidt’s stayed home. They were having such a good time watching “Ice Age” than their mother had gone into the kitchen to make popcorn went back into the living room. The family had fallen asleep forgetting about the popcorn not waking up to the smell of the fumes. Fumes were coming from the house by the time they woke up the house had fallen on top of them all of the debris had into their lungs and they were gone.
Ashtyn and her family were slowly drifting apart one by one, one because her father and mother had split not to long before he had gone off to the army. After the burning of the house and the funeral she has always felt some presence in the house. After they had redone the house Ashtyn never felt safe in the house. After Ashtyn had got home from school plus seeing a figure in the house with her, knowing she wasn't alone. Ashtyn knew it was going to be a normal day in the house with no one home. Well at least not alive, she felt like going up to the mirror to see if she could see what she had seen before. She had walked up the stairs as quietly and quickly as she could go into her room she went feeling so scared to do what she was about to do. Ashtyn stood in front of the mirror seeing herself but feeling like something is coming to her through the mirror.
“Dad…. are you here?”
“If you’re here please talk to me I have to talk to you.”
Ashtyn slowly saw her reflection fade away into her father’s figure. Starting to feel lightheaded.
“Daddy when will you be back home?”
Dan slowly whispered “Honey, I’m sorry I won’t be back…. for a long, long, long time.”
Ashtyn started tearing trying to understand what he had meant.
“Dad what do you mean, do you mean that your d-d-d-d-ee-aaaa-d?”
Dan sobbing into a puddle of tears  “Yes honey I have been gone for about 1 week now I’m so sorry baby I thought Mommy would’ve told you.”
“Mom never tells me anything she is always out of at work while I'm basically taking care of myself!”
Dan wiping the tears from his eyes “I know honey please don’t be mad at her she was looking out for your own safety, we won’t be having a funeral but you can always visit me here.”
“Daddy I don’t know what I’m going to do without you, I th-th-ii-nk I-I feel j-juu-st a little dizzzzyyyy….
Dan screaming for her “Ashtyn honey, you have to wake up please wake up! Ashtyn! ASHTYN!”
Ashtyn dad Dan was slowly falling away from the mirror seeing her being hovered by this terrible evil spirit named Barbatos. It was one of the most evil spirits known to man. All Ashtyn saw was a huge figure on top of her just standing looking right through her.
Ashtyn yelled “What do you want from me?!”
Barbatos quietly said “I want you and your soul.”
She creamed and heard something coming out the stairs what sounds like clowns. Ashtyn knew this was a part of Barbatos plan. He was a tall creature with huge horns, with teeth that stuck out at the bottom and necklace with an upside down cross on it.
The clowns said “Would you like to play a quick game Ashtyn?”
Ashtyn couldn’t talk or move she was tied up with tape around her mouth. They just kept singing to her different kids songs they were terrible. Than their last song was “Pop goes the weasel.” Once they sung that song she had fallen asleep. Ashtyn felt dizzy her eyes were burning and when she woke up the clown was in her face all of the lights were off.
It whispers in her ear “Pop Goes the Weasel.”

Thursday, November 19, 2015

“Big Girls Don’t Cry” Isabelle Schmidt

Sarah stared at her wall and blinked. A light flashed in her face, and a microphone lay on the edge of her bed. As Sarah lifted up to see what the time was she slowly saw the clock move to 2:00 A.M. There was sweat coming down her cheek she felt it hit her lip, the salty tear hit her tongue making her cringe from the sour taste. Sarah stood up she was in her silky blue dress that went right above her knee cap and her black flats that were not even shipped to the house yet. She knew that this had to be a dream because when she got up she heard her song playing and her Mom saying “Sarah it’s time!”
Sarah immediately woke up to her Mom nudging her shoulder. Sarah was sweating but had to go on with her day and think about how good she was going to do in the T-Show. She rushed downstairs with her baggy sweats, and her stained white t-shirt. She rushed out of the house with a half eaten waffle onto the trail. Brandon was on the other side of the walk-way near school. The pavement was scratchy and dull, with holes left and right. “I want to say hi but didn’t know how to.” “Should I fall, or should I cough maybe he will look over?” “Come on Sarah he’s your best-friend he will look either way!” As Sarah walked along thinking there was a majorly huge stump and she fell right over the stump hurting her leg terribly.

Brandon glanced over seeing Sarah tear up in pain.
“Oh my gosh Sarah are you alright?”
“Not really! I just fell and twisted my ankle.”
“Do you want help walking to school” Or do you want me to help take you home?”
“I think I want to go to school the nurse will get me in good hands.”
“Ok. Are you sure bec-”
“Brandon! I know what I want, I want to go to school!”
“Ok. Sorry I was just seeing if you were ok.”

Sarah and Brandon walked up to school slowly while she limped in vigorous pain.
“Well, well, well. If it isn’t another limper.”
Sarah snapped back “Why do you always seem to have problem with everyone who isn’t as rich--, or-or, clothes like you?!”
“Because if I have friends that are hurt or look dirty do you honestly think I will be popular?”
“Well honestly I don’t care because honestly you don’t care either!”
“Whatever------- LOSER!”

Sarah limped to her locker, as she did she saw Brandon walk by with Emily. She always thought Brandon was better than what he has seen lately.
“Hey Brandon.”
“Hey, I’ll be right back Em, okay?”
“Sure whatever.”
“Hey Bran, do you have like any idea how come you have become such a jerk?”
“A jerk? What have I done to be a jerk to you Sarah!?”
“Well before you promised me that you would never become one of those followers, but I guess that has no effect on you anymore.”
“Wait you made a deal that you wou--”
“Brandon, just go I don’t need to hear anymore from-- I guess just a stranger”!!

Sarah walked away limping with her books and ice pack on her leg feeling the salty tears hit her cheeks. Brandon knew in his mind this wasn’t him but he was waiting to be this his whole life. He couldn’t blow this off even if it meant losing his best friend. As Sarah thought about all of the good things she turned around seeing Brandon looking straight into her eyes. She blinked and saw nothing but her true enemy, a girl who wanted people to feel terrible about themselves. There it was the bell finally rang they were late for class. Sarah cried thinking about everything that she lost in those very few seconds. Everything was going down hill from there and everything was becoming a dream come true for Emily. Brandon has become a brainwashed DUMB jock. Emily was only doing this dangerously devious plan because she knows it will bring Sarah down in the Talent Show. As Sarah was listening to Mrs. Goldbridge teach the new lesson on Realistic-Fiction she was thinking about everything that has happened in the past week. She thought about why Emily would do something so rude, cruel, and amazingly smart when before they never spoke a word even such as a slight look towards each other.

Emily was in Mr. Daniel’s class thinking about how amazing her plan was but not knowing how to tell Brandon that she never liked him after winning in the Talent show.
“Maybe I can say someone else has asked me out?”
“No that sounds to formal!”
“Maybe I can just tell him I am having trouble with relationships. or something?”
Ok class tell me what you learn about Integers… Emily?”

Brandon was sitting on the other side of Sarah staring thinking about what is wrong and what is right. He was thinking that Sarah was to bossy or was to rough with him. Then he thinks about how bossy Emily is and how controlling she is over everything he wears and talks about. Sarah seemed to look at Brandon they just stared until the bell rang then Sarah completely stopped looking at Brandon until gym class. All three of the “friends” were playing Soccer and of course as the ball hit the ground Sarah got it was almost at the net and Emily ran in kicked Sarah and making the ball hit the other team making Emily win. Only Sarah would go to gym with a limped leg and try to make a goal paying for another injury.

Ms. Dove took Sarah into the office and took Emily to the principal's office. Sarah went home to rest her ankle and knee cap for the talent show, school tomorrow, also having to think about whether she wants to be in the Talent Show anymore. As Sarah was driving home something cliqued to her mind, she realized that this is the reason Emily has done what she has done. Sarah can’t let Emily take away what she knows will be her victory. Sarah sat around yawning, blinking, and studying to herself how she can get Emily to understand what she is doing is so wrong on many different levels. Emily thinks that by making people feel bad about themselves just so she can win in whatever it must be. Emily was in Principal Rose’s office talking about why she hurt Sarah.
“You know actually I am not sure why I thought she would have come back back at me and then she would’ve gotten in trouble.”
“Well you do know some people are the bigger person and choose to make the decision that is bigger”
“Thank you Mrs. Rose that gives me a great idea! I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Emily went home and thought about why and how she can fix everything that happened with Sarah and Brandon. She was trying to figure out the next steps to her life if she didn’t a lot of bad things will and can happen to her if Sarah doesn’t know that  she is sorry. Emily told herself
She has to know that I’m sorry”
“I have to get her to at least talk to me after I admitted to my mistakes”
“I might even want to do a duet with her in the Talent Show.”
It was morning Sarah was exhausted and in pain from the extreme ankle injury but woke up to sound of her Mom screaming to her saying
“Come on get up! Today is day before the Talent Show!”
“Mom! Stop yelling at me I l really don’t want to wake up to you yelling!”
“Sweetie I’m sorry I am just so excited!” While she was bouncing the bed up, down, up down.
“Alright Mom I’ll be downstairs in a little while just give me time to wake up NORMALLY!”
“Okay honey, but today please wear that dress I bought you for the Talent Show Eve. Day?”
“Mom! I said no to that 2 months ago also saying no literally last week it’s not that big of a deal.”
“Whatever Sarah Marie you better know that you will regret not wearing my gorgeous graceful plus flat-.”
“Don’t say the word… Don’t even think about it!”
“FLATTERING! Ha Ha and Ha.”
Sarah’s Mom went downstairs, Sarah got dressed in a nice pair of skinny jeans and a blouse to try pleasing her Mom. When she went downstairs her Mom at least smiled Sarah didn’t have any time for breakfast she had to rush out the door with her crutches wondering why she has to walk to school. As the kids were going into school Sarah heard Emily call her name 3 times.
“Sarah… Sarah! Sarah!
“What Emily do you want to say something?”
“Yes, yes I do listen I- I- I’m sorry for everything that I did to you and I realized that what I did was really low”
“You’re right it was I’m glad you realized that” Sarah started walking away
“Sarah wait up I have a question”
“Okay shoot”
“Do you think you might want to do a duet in the Talent Show with me I mean if you’re not doing something else”
“Emily if this is another sabotage I will seriously flip”
“No it’s not I really want to get the know you I think that maybe we would be friends.”
“Well we better get going because we have a lot to practice tonight I’ll see you later.”
“Alright so is that a yes?”
“I said I’ll see you tonight.”

Sarah was getting into the elevator to get to her locker on the 3rd floor. After the elevator doors opened Emily was waiting to help Sarah to her locker also while she tried to apologize to Brandon.
“Brandon can I talk to you?”
“Sure, guys I’ll be right back. What’s up”
“I just wanted to let you know that I am friends with Sarah because I was tired of be-”
“Wait your friends with Sarah?”
“Yeah and like I was saying I am tired of being rude, mean , plus always having a problem with other people. Sarah and I are friends we are working things out. Oh yeah did you hear Sarah and I are doing the Talent Show together.”
“You know I thought you wanted to be popular not like Sarah she is so rude, bossy, and lame!” “Emily just be popular it’s just you.”
“But Brandon that’s not me anymore I want to be a person who people can trust and feel they can come to me for something. Not that mean girl who needs everything perfect.”
“Whatever well I am not going to be talking to you anymore Emily we are done.”
“Fine well I have my friends and that is all I need.”
“What friends?.” Brandon walked away laughing with his friends

The elevator was coming up for Sarah, Emily carried the books also her bookbag because she knew this was an exchange for Sarah to forgive her and to be so kind after what she did. It was over the day was finally over the bell rang once the elevator hit the 3rd floor they went to Sarah’s locker got all of her things together plus the book of songs for that night to practice for the Talent Show tomorrow. They need to get all of the practice they can sponge up until tomorrow afternoon.
“Okay so when should I come over your house?”
“If you want you can call your Mom now I mean if you want?”
“”Sure thank you Sarah that would work out perfect!”
“Okay I just called she said sure. Would you like to do the song Fergie : “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
“No way! That was the song I was about to ask you!”
“That’s awesome I can’t believe how much we have in common”
“Same with me. Same… With me”
“I am pretty sure we don’t have to practice the song right?”
“Oh yeah definitely not I am pretty sure all we have to do now is figure out what time we will meet tomorrow and then I think we will be good from there I hope.”
Afterwards they were hanging out watching tv, talking about different things that they like, they also wrote down songs they liked and exchanged probably having 5-10 of the same songs!
“Well Emily I guess I never expected us to become friends also to be doing this together”
“It happened but I better be getting home my Mom will be mad if I don’t get home before 8 but I’ll see you after school tomorrow if you don’t need me for your locker?’
“Yeah after school my leg is okay I am not going to need to elevator either.”
“Well it was good seeing you bye Sarah.”
“Bye Em I’ll see you tomorrow.”
That night when they both got into bed they thought about the winning moment and if won what they would do.

It was the day of the Talent Show Sarah woke up feeling so excited for the Talent Show because they are determined to win. Emily woke up feeling happy too they just didn’t know why they were not able to understand why Brandon didn’t talk or listen to either of them. They both got dressed ate their breakfast raced out the door to talk about Brandon and what happened when they both talked to him. about what has been happening. As they walked they decided to not talk to him to just leave him alone. They needed all of the time they can get just to go over everything for the Talent Show. The Talent Show was an hour away it was right after school and everyone had to stay and get ready. Emily and Sarah stayed after getting the jewels alone stuck on the dress so it look perfect for the performance. All of the jewels were on and it was time to go they were called “Emily and Sarah, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” they were walking out on stage as they did they were so scared because they didn’t expect this many people in the audience. As they began to sing their song Emily felt the feeling she had never felt before, she was happy, and very excited feel like people are proud of her. Sarah was just there she has been through this with Brandon also making her feel amazed to feel that she has a real “friend.” They began to join hands let all of their amazing power out becoming what they call “frienemies.”

Monday, November 2, 2015

Homework - Favorite Part of Story and Why!

Roses Garden - Set Up/My Story

Sarah stared at her wall and blinked. A light flashed in her face, and a microphone lay on the edge of her bed. As Sarah lifted up to see what the time was she slowly saw the clock move to 2:00 A.M. There was sweat coming down her cheek she felt it hit her lip, the salty tear hit her tongue making her cringe from the sour taste.

I like this particular part of my story because I think that it was a descriptive, emotional, and fright feeling once you start to read. Most of my story has to be touched up very well! But I think that the beginning which is this paragraph will lead me to think brighter and better with ideas for my FINAL COPY!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Scene and Summary

My book is Begging for Change by: Sharon G. Flake

The part in my book that I read was a SUMMARY because it was describing how one of Raspberry's best friend named Zora who is taking her in and Zora's dad is a doctor but always has his moments especially in the SCENE where a girl who was much taller had a burgundy weave also having the nerve to threaten a 12 year old! As Zora's dad came out he was the girls frightened and went over there as fast as he could without getting pelted with glass. They slowly moved along getting there things into the car while Zora's father was trying to get the girls away the bat. Zora and Raspberry looked at the father in fear screaming for him to hurry and get in the car. 

My story is a summary because it was only summing up most of the Chapter and what the emotions and different some things people never realized about Raspberry and how she used to live ! 

My story was not a scene because it wasn't describing anything about Raspberry's life or describing how she lived or what her Mom went through.